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     Saturday, 14th August 1999

Firstly we have two more pictures for you, the first shows the UK Team during official practice at Deblin Air Force Academy, the contest site. The second is Mark Christy signing autographs, for the local kids - (Ed. I had feared someone was trying to smuggle a ground to air missile into the competition when I first saw the picture).
The word on the ground - Official Practice is now over, and all pilots and models are performing well with no major problems so far. The UK Team's models all passed scrutineering and noise tests without problems.
The Australians are having problems due to the non-arrival of their fuel. They are having to use fuel supplied by other teams, and at least one member of the team is having problems getting a good engine run. One of the Swedish team had his Eagle shot down by a frequency clash at the practice site, but hopes to have it rebuilt in time.
At Deblin airbase, all the pilots are constantly surrounded by young autograph hunters - the event is proving very popular with the local children. Even at the practice site - miles from anywhere - the teams are constantly surrounded by young spectators.
Round 1 begins on Sunday, and I wish them all a great competition.

The UK Team during official practise at Deblin Air Force Academy

Mark Christy signing autographs