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     Sunday, 15th August 1999

Here are the results from round 1.
The Teams didn't leave the field till gone 8 pm. The weather played havoc with the todays placings.
The day started OK, with good weather early on in the morning, when most of the high scores were posted. But during the day a very strong cross wind developed. Many pilots got caught out flying the "wrong" way. Mark Tilbury was one, and Dave Wilshere another. However, Dave was saved by a stray dog wandering into the flying area! Gavin ( the team manager) protested, and Dave was allowed a re-fly at the end of the day when conditions were almost perfect!
Mark Christy flew late in the day, after a passing thunderstorm had interrupted proceedings. He benefitted from calm and clear conditions.
However, the UK Team are in good spirits and are all sure they can improve their performance.
74 (or 75, reports have differed) pilots flew a first round today which explains the late departue from the field.
Curtis Youngblood flew 64th so probably enjoyed the better late afternoon weather.

1    Curtis Youngblood    1000
2    Hashimoto                 982
3    Wayne Mann             953
4    Sensui                        945
5    Kobayashi                 920
6    Scott Gray                 901
7    Sven Rossner            883
8    Mark Christy             865
9    Daniele Graber          862
10  Johann Hoenle           844

Dave Wilshere is 18th on 770, and Mark Tilbury is 23rd on 744.