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     Thursday, 19th August 1999

Here's a brief account of the days events: Round 1 of the fly-off is over, rounds 2 & 3 are tomorrow. Mark Christy was up first, and didn't have a particularly good round.

It got off to a bad start when he was told to start, and then had to sit there for ages because the judges weren't ready. Eventually he shut down, re-fuelled and restarted, and the organizers reset the clock.

Then the wind started playing him up. It was very light and 90 degrees to the flightline. He couldn't decide which way to do the aeros. He eventually decided to do them cack-handed ( as in Vienna ) but apparently hasn't practised much that way recently. His round was OK, but not up to his usual standards.

Luckily, neither was anyone else. No-one put in a stunning round, and it looked as if Mark would maintain his position at 11th, until Scott Gray crashed terminally during the roll reversal! It looks like a link broke on his swashplate (CCPM). The model had just got inverted on the second roll when it half looped straight into the deck! Poor guy was gutted, 1st crash of the contest!

Consequently Mark has moved up to 10th, but not the way he wanted to........!

Hashimoto is leading, and needs only one more round to retain his title. He doesn't even have to win a round, just beat Curtis! (If I have my sums right....!) Curtis' round was not up to his usual standards, and he was tied by Rudiger Feil (!!!) in 2nd place.

None of the Americans or Japanese team members have flown particuarly memorable rounds - good, but not to the standards we were expecting!

Only the Germans have surprised everyone! Mark Christy is kicking himself for a missed opportunity. If he had flown to his normal standards he could have been up in 5th or higher, however, tomorrow is another day! At least his day wasn't as bad as Scott's.....!

The full results are available from the two sites listed on our links page, just click the button above.

                                      "A"    "B1"   Total (to date)
1 Hashimoto (Jap)        1000     1000       2000
2 Youngblood (USA)   967.5    983.42    1980.17
3 Sensui (Jap)                979.93    978.44    1958.37
4 Mann (USA)               986.02   970.15    1956.17
5 Feil (Ger)                      958.02    983.42    1941.44
6 Kunii (Jap)                   969.82    948.52    1918.41
7 Kobayashe (Jap)        937.37    963.52    1900.89
8 Hoenle (Ger)               980.88    897.18    1878.06
9 Shilling (USA)            941.32    890.55    1831.86
10 Christy (UK)            904.47    872.31    1776.77
11 Kastiel (Isr)                871.27    852.4    1723.67
12 Roessner (Ger)         878.64    829.19    1707.82
13 Lombard (Fra)           864.09    840.8    1704.89
14 Lien (Taipei)             887.24    766.17    1653.4
15 Gray (Can)                907.14    404.64    1311.79

US team

The 1st crash of the contest


Scott Gray with wrecked Ergo
Unhappy Mark C after flight

Hashimoto with his models and assistant Tanaka

Hirobo pilots (aren't there a lot...!!!!)

UK team preparing
Yung Wang Lien (Chinese Taipei)