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Born 7th December 1997, Zara is the second dog we have welcomed to our family. She's a Bernese Mountain Dog, which shows in her distinctive Swiss coloration; that is, black and tan with white on toes, tail tip, chest and foreface. The tan markings over the eyes are commonly known as kiss marks - very appropriate considering the breeds affectionate nature.

Others have said of the Bernese: ''with its flashy, perfect coloration and silky long coat, any new owner is often most fascinated by the undeniable huggability and tumbly irresistibility of the toddler. The Bernese Mountain Puppy has frequently been likened to a bear: a baby grizzly or just a much loved teddy. The Bernese's big paws are often used for communication, rather like a bear might deliver a friendly swat or offer a peaceable paw.''

For the 'puppy' pictures see here . . . more to follow shortly.



    Zara with her 7th ball!

Zara doing the roll-over trick!

   Zara on ball number two!