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About RC-Heli.com

For me the Radio Control Helicopters have been a regular source of fascination and entertainment. Ever since I first saw one, back in the early 1980's, and when I first tried to fly one in 1985. My first attempts being with an electric model powered by 2 x 540 motors and a Ripmax radio (multiplex I think).

Since then I have enjoyed all aspects of the hobby, from scale, through sport to F3C and ultimately 3d - including setting up others model and helping them to progress from the first engine start to the aerobatics. This site aims to help people in the hobby (especially Hampshire based) using the knowledge from others to help them advance more quickly and safely. I'd gone from no aerobatics to piroetting loops and flips in less than 12 months - and I don't beleive I had a particular talent, just a stong desire and a methodical training plan. I built everything up in steps, after working out the safest way to try a new manouver, and the easiest way to bail out if it went pair. I beleive the same method is relevent no matter what standard of flying - whether it being transitioning from tail in to nose in hover (best done while the hoops still on) to learning the big pirouetting maneuvers.

RC-Heli.com aims to share such information to progress Model Helicopter Flying in all areas - although ultimately my heart is biased to 3d ;-) I felt another site (planned later in the year) would make sense to take the main 3d focus and 'artistic aerobatics' information. Meanwhile I'll keep this site open to all areas and views. This being important, if you agree or disagree with whats said on these pages you are welcome to email me and provided it's constructive (good or bad) it will be given equal prescence on the site - a spread of views can only improve everyones knowledge.

The origins of this site was the original 1999 F3C coverage done in liason with Peter Christy via a hotel internet link. We had live updates every day after the flying had stopped. You'll see some famous names have signed the guest book for the 1999 F3 coverage, including Cliff Hiat and Mark Tilbury. From the 1999 coverage I built up a history of the F3C World Championships since the beginning in 1985, which happens to coincide with buying my first dedicated helicopter magazine. I will continue this trend for the big F3C competitions, and look forwad to covering the next one, in Japan 2003.

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