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Learning to Fly RC Helicopters

We have split the learning to fly section in to the following areas;

What you need to get started
Beginners start here, where we list what you need, and give suggestions on the intial building of a radio control model helicopter.

Your first flights (or rather hover)
Once you've built your model and had it checked over, now is the time for your first flight, read our guide to those early hops, all the way up to nose in, circuits and stall turns are here.

Autorotation (engine off landings)
My guide to succesfull first auto's and how you can progress them further.

Simulator practise guide
Simulators are an excellent training aid - read more about how to use them to accelerate your learning and reduce your crashes.

Learning 3d
If 3d is your thing then you'll want to read our latest series of articles - 3d from the ground up. It's hot of the press . .

NEW - Guide to Training Schools, USA and UK
These cover beginners hovering to advanced aerobatics. They vary from 5 day intensive beginners courses to 1 hour intense flight training. I personally recommend 2 to 3 hour sessions, with practise excersises for the student between lessons. Assuming weather permits, 3 hours practise between lessons, and lessons every 1 to 2 weeks - just like your own golf pro. Although unlike Golf you won't need lessons to keep on form, and you can reach a point (if taught well) where by you can progress safely into new areas under your own abilities. I consider an equivalent pilot ability to that of a commercial pilot or military pilot to be acheivable with between 6 and 12 lessons (each of 2 to 3 hours duration) and suitable pracitse in between. This puts a very reasonbable value of about £750 to become a top class pilot, amptitude permitting. Beginners can be hovering in only 1 lesson.


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