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We all have a favorite fuel, and for me that's no exception. Whilst I've tried others, I've favoured the same one for the last 8 years. It's Model Technics Formula Irvine. That's the red one with the Klotz oil - and it just so happens it smells like 'eau de toilette spray'.

I've tried various fuels, both standard mixes and tweaked to my own preferences. The latest trends have not hooked me - I see it like those beds made by the company 'Air Sprung' that you might think have some special technology but actually they use metal springs just like everyone else (clever marketing).

I had used Model Technics Supaglo with great succes, and it was my favorite fuel for a long time - until I tried a Klotz based fuel. I started using what I liked about Supaglo to slightly alter my own mix of Formula Irvine with the Model Technics ingredients purchased from local model shops. I preferred to reduce (sometimes remove) the castor oil, to give cleaner running.

The Klotz based Model Technics fuels have given me powerful, reliable runs time after time. The best compliments received were from two established names. Firstly Pete Christy, who commented on the excellent performance of my Shuttle ZXX's with OS32sx and 16% own mixed Formula Irvine. The second was from Dick Wallinger, commenting on the Rossi in my Futura SE, he said, it looked brand new and that it wasn't yet run in - that was after 20 hours of flight time.

I prefer to buy the raw ingredients and mix my own blend so I can tweak slightly for different engine and exhaust combinations. I go for 18% oil, sometimes 2% castor (using the Klotz Super Techniplate with castor, and Regular Techniplate without castor) and 16% nitro. This mix (varying the nitro, and sometimes oil) has been used by me since 1995. I beleive Bekra RC are now selling a Model Technics mix with Klotz, EDL and reduced castor.

If you want to find out more about Model Technics fuels try there website http://www.modeltechnics.com/, or all good model shops. I recommend Supaglo and Formula Irvine. Whilst I haven't tried the Bekra RC varient I would expect it to perform well.


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