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If you need to advertise and item for sale or wanted, then please email me the details and I will put it on this page. you might then want to place this url in adverts (in magazines or internet forums) so people can view more detail, including pictures.

Email:- kevinb@skylarkmeadows.com
2 x Shuttle ZXX with OS32sx, pipes, subtle upgrades
ZXX £125, OS32sx £65, Pipes £19, upgrades on request

1 x Robbe Futura SE, with Bob Johnston modified Rossi 61, and Pipe - £595ono
This actual helicopter and engine was the first UK model to perform Chaos (continuous pirouetting flips) way back in 1996.

1 x X-Cell 60, modified with almost every Bergen Upgrade, no engine - £345ono
This actual model was the first UK model to perform pirouetting loops and flips, back in 1995.
Includes metal fan, head block, mixing arms, third bearing block, push/pull collective, carbon tail boom and torque tube drive, carbon tail braces, G10 frames (the best ever made), hollow main shaft, uni-ball feathering spindle, slipper clutch. Partly complete split main gear - hand made by Clive Ceney.

1 x JR PCM 10 S Mode II Helicopter Radio with Case - £445ono
Comes with the limited version, 2 colour world championship case.
Includes manuals, neck strap, 2 x tx nicads (JR), charger, etc
Radio has red anodised inscriptions for funtions and model description.
This is the pre-decesor to the 10x. Main difference is the digital trims and enhanced tail mixing. Although with modern Heading Hold, the tail mixing is rarely used now. The digital trims can be an acquired taste, and would only really benefit serious F3C compeitiors. The 10s has stunt trims to trim seperately in each of the 5 flight modes.

2 x top of range JR recievers NER-D940s PCMs - £79ea

1 x NER-638xz, PCM receiver £54

1 x NER-1000 dual rate piezo gyro - £95ono
1 x NER-120 dual rate gyro - £59ono
1 x CSM ICG360 HH piezo gyro (crack in case, but fully functioning) - £45ono
1 x Futaba 153BB dual rate gyro, modified for enhanced lock - 25ono

Many JR servos; 4000's, 2700, 517, 4231, etc

NEW-8101 x 1 - brand new, unused
NEW-4000 x 3 - brand new, unused
NEW-2700g x 1 - brand new, unused
NES 4231 x 1 - brand new, unused

NES-4000 x 1
NES-4231 x 2

NES-4000 x 1
NES-4231 x 1

NES-4000 x 3

JR APEX, Mode II, Heli Radio, with MJR 527 - 7ch - 35mhz 76fm - 60
NES 505 x 3

pcm10s - world championship special edition case with 10ch pcm s rx, 2 x battery (jr), charger plus the little accessories, crystals, grips, strap, manual etc 425

2nd machted rx 10ch pcm s - ner-d940s, with matched s crystal 60

fully compatiable rx ner 638xz, pcm with crystal - 35

2 x brand new switch harness (gold heavy duty, super servo compatiable) 5 both

i mark all my servo, so know usgae loads and crash/repair/check situations

jr 4000 super servo's - new unused 60, light use 45, medium use 30
                            60 - 45 - 35

jr 2700g brand new unused 70

jr 8101 -

jr 4231 - new unused 45, light use 35

other servo's availbe too, such as 511 throttle,

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