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Artistic Aerobatics

And I thought 3d was good, 'Artisitic Aerobatics' looks to be the next wave in radio control model helicopter flying. F3C has (and continues) to do a lot for the hobby, but I think 'Artistic Aerobatics' can exceed F3C in the future. The basic rules are that the pilot selects a 3 to 4 minute music piece, and then prepares a flight to fit with the music, and that's about it. In 2005 the FAI World Air Games are going to feature 'Artistic Aerobatics', with we expect up to 8 national team members being allowed. This really opens up the international competition scene and gives more pilots an opportunity to represent their country.


These are intial resources to gather more information on Artistic Aerobatics. As the situation evolves, more and more information will be available from here.

Full set of rules, in the minutes of the 2001 CIAM Plenary meeting. Including a compulsory schedule.

A report on the first artistic aerobatics competition. Mainly F3A, but including World Champion Christophe Paysant-Le Roux.

Dedicated Email Exchange list (includes famous pilots from over 30 different countries around the World).

The official FAI site on Artistic Aerobatics, including Plane and Helicopter disciplines.


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Please enjoy our history of previous
F3C World Helicopter Championships.

Into 3d, then try the 3d masters website, and make a note to go next year, to avoid missing this.
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