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Recommended RC Training Schools

USA - West Coast
Without a doubt there is one school that should be at the top of your list if you want advanced helicopter training. That's freestlye 3d, the school run by Todd Bennett. His web site is at http://www.freestyle3d.com. Every word I've read about his training, has been positive praise. Using 9Z's for instructor and student, he can take advantage of the mix control function to make the learning curve more seamless, as he can correct without taking control off the student. Definately the best way to go - but too expensive for most schools to offer the same. They also offer specialist courses for film work helicopter usage. Trains from two locations, although they do offer to visit trainees site at additional cost.

USA - Florida
Ernie Huber's RC Flight Training Center, this 5 day residential course covers beginners and advanced pilots and sounds to be as much a holiday as a flying lesson. Visit http://www.rchelicopter.com for more information. They only train from the main location, which is no bad thing, as it includes extensive model room and class room facilities.

UK - South Coast
The Helicopter Flight School, operates part time, using established pilots with many years experience to teach a range of courses from complete beginners to extreme 3d, this school is a mixture of the techniques used by the above mentioned schools to suit the differences in the UK - mainly the weather and the greater abundance of 30 size helicopters. Visit http://www.rc-training.com to find out more details. They offer 30 size machines with the intention to add up 60/90 size at a later date. All from an exclusive field (50 acre I beleive), although they can teach at trainees own local club site through out the UK.

Other UK Flight Schools to check out;
Nigel Fraser Ker Heli Lessons
Dave Fisher at Flyin Fish


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