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3d Masters 2003 UK Page 4- page 1, page 2, page 3

Please note:- All phtographs are copyright, any printing, reproduction in any other form including but not limited to websites, journals, magazine (including editorial and advertisement), leaflets, brochures etc, is strictly prohibited unless with prior written permission. When requesting a hi-res image the person (usually pictured in the photograph) understands the image is only for personal use, such as hanging on a wall, standing on a desk or using as a screensaver or computer wall paper on ones own personal machine - the images are not being supplied for use in any commercial context including but not limited to magazine editorial use etc.


For the pictures taken of 2003 3d Masters simply click the page link; picture page 1, picture page 2, picture page 3


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Curtis Youngblood, Jason Krause, Bob Johnston

Please enjoy our extensive history of previous
F3C World Helicopter Championships.

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